Support for young women entrepreneurs

Women and girls in Ethiopia face unequal access to resources.

A joint Mission inclusion and WISE, project is helping women get decent jobs that allow them to generate an independent income, gain influence and become leaders in their communities.

Partner: Women in Self-Employment (WISE)

Country: Ethiopia


For women and girls in Ethiopia, patriarchy is a major problem that leads to unequal access to resources as well as insecurity and economic dependence. In response, Mission inclusion and Women in Self-Employment (WISE) have been working together since 2005 to enable vulnerable and marginalized women and girls to share resources, take advantage of opportunities, reduce inequalities and help create a fairer world for everyone.

Our project

The goal of the current project is to build food security capacity among young women entrepreneurs. Through various initiatives (training, networking, capacity- building, creating employment opportunities, etc.), the project helps women obtain decent jobs so that they are able to generate an independent income, become leaders in their communities and gain influence in their personal and professional lives.


With your help, Mission inclusion undertakes innovative and inspirational projects to support the rights of women and girls around the world.

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