Support women’s empowerment in the face of climate change



Support women’s empowerment in the face of climate change

Empowering communities

“The project has added value to my life and strengthened social cohesion among women, as well as our recognition within society.”

– Fati Sawadogo
In Burkina Faso, the devastating effects of climate change affect everyone, but women, in particular, are more vulnerable to climate change.
For a woman, it can be more challenging to work the land or even to have access to tools, seeds, fertilizer, and training that would enable them to be more independent in their family responsibilities. Even the land offered to them is sometimes of poorer quality than that used by men.
Mission inclusion is firmly committed to giving women like Fati back the means to provide for themselves, with the support and collaboration of the men who hold power in the region, so they can take their place and participate actively in their communities.
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“With this project, we received equipment, seeds, and capacity building, which enabled us to adopt greater resilience. We also received valuable training in various areas, such as composting, agroforestry, sustainable farming practices, and business negotiation techniques.
All this will enable me to get better yields and benefit more from my knowledge.”

– Fati Sawadogo

Together with its partners,
Mission inclusion works for the protection, emancipation, and economic and social integration of women.

This project highlights the importance of supporting women’s ability to be agents of change for their benefit and that of their communities.
Thanks to your support, Mission inclusion can look forward with hope to building a better, sustainable future with its partners. How can we do this? By supporting the rights of women and girls worldwide through innovative and inspiring projects like this one in Burkina Faso.

Let’s support women’s rights!

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