Social responsibility and community engagement are at the heart of the philanthropic priorities of Quebec companies. Mission Inclusion has a long history of partnerships with community-minded corporations like yours that place as much value on the tangible impact of their donations as on return on investment.

Our approach is focused on your needs in terms of impact, internal and external communications, and visibility with current and potential clients and partners. Our team is at your disposal to discuss your corporate giving plans and help you maximize their impact. We can provide you with an array of communication tools to support your philanthropic efforts.

Types of corporate giving

Do you want visibility for your donation ? Do you want your employees to participate ? Do you want to count it as a charitable donation or a marketing expense ? These are only some of the questions you need to answer before giving to a foundation such as Mission Inclusion. Each type of donation has its advantages. They are described in greater detail below.

Donation to our general mission or to a specific project

Do you identify with our Foundation’s mission and projects? Becoming a partner of Mission Inclusion can be very advantageous for a business in terms of both recognition and tax benefits.

Sponsoring an event

Do you want to develop your customer base and generate business opportunities at a fundraising event? Sponsoring an event will boost your public visibility and put you in contact with a pool of potential clients.

Cause Marketing Campaign

Does your company want to get involved and support the community? A cause marketing partnership can often be a win-win option.

By donating the proceeds from the sale of a good or service to one of Mission Inclusion’s causes, your business can shows its customers it is socially responsible and will receive good visibility.

Employee Campaign in The Workplace

Did you know that many Canadian employees say they prefer to work for an organization that shares their values? And social inclusion ranks high among Quebecers’ values. You can build team spirit among your employees by getting them involved in a common cause.

Matching Gift Campaign

Would you like your company to have visibility on an envelope sent to nearly 7,000 households about a cause supported by Mission Inclusion? When you pledge to match the donations generated by the campaign, your gift will not only support the Foundation’s programs but also encourage others to give.

Checkout Fundraising Campaign

There’s nothing simpler than a fundraising campaign at the checkout counter. Whether you run a large chain store or a small neighbourhood business, a checkout giving campaign is a good way to let your customers know about your social engagement.

Contact our team to learn more about the types of corporate giving, their advantages, our toolkit, and all of Mission Inclusion’s opportunities and projects.

We’re here to support you in your corporate philanthropy efforts.

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