Employee Campaign In The Workplace

To meet the growing needs in the community, more and more companies are appealing to their employees to support a worthwhile cause.

A payroll deduction or in-house fundraising campaign will promote your employer brand and help project an image of your company as a socially responsible business.

The Mission inclusion team will assist you throughout your campaign by providing you with the tools you need to ensure its success.

Choose Mission inclusion

A respected organization

Mission inclusion is a respected and well-established organization that works for the most vulnerable people in the community. This means that employees can be confident that their donation will go to a good cause.

Choosing a cause that matters
to them

Mission inclusion works with a wide range of vulnerable populations, which means that employees can choose to support a cause that matters to them. This strengthens the sense of personal commitment and investment in the campaign and can also enhance team cohesion.

A socially responsible commitment

A workplace campaign with Mission inclusion can improve corporate culture and strengthen employee loyalty. It can also help improve the company’s image as a responsible and engaged employer.

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Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Events

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