Aging with dignity

As our population ages, more and more elderly people are in vulnerable living situations. They face challenges such as isolation, financial insecurity and physical and cognitive health issues. The organizations supported by Mission inclusion advocate for their rights and ensure their well-being and social inclusion.

La Piaule du Centre du Québec

Drummondville, Centre-Du-Québec

La Piaule works with people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion in the Drummondville region.

Mission inclusion supports their work on the street, striving to improve living conditions for seniors who are more marginalized or facing social disruption. The initiative aims to prevent the deterioration of their living conditions by breaking their isolation, supporting their efforts to face their reality and accompanying them in steps they cannot take alone.


St-Jérôme, Laurentides

Mission inclusion supports Vigil’Ange an organization in the Laurentides region. This local network aims to identify seniors and caregivers who are facing worrying situations such as isolation, loneliness, social exclusion, financial insecurity, abuse and mistreatment. The network then directs them to appropriate community resources.

Action to promote the well-being of seniors

The organizations supported by Mission inclusion advocate for seniors’ rights and promote their well-being and social inclusion. Your generosity can make a difference in their lives.

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