Checkout Fundraising Campaign

A fundraising appeal at the checkout counter is a good way for your business to show its commitment to the community. It projects a positive brand image to your customers while collecting donations for a cause you care about. A win-win partnership!

Choose Mission inclusion

Join forces with us

Mission inclusion is recognized for its work to support vulnerable and marginalized individuals and communities. Our actions have a concrete impact. A checkout giving campaign for our Foundation guarantees positive and lasting change.

Choose a cause that matters
to you

Mission inclusion supports many communities through its initiatives. When you set up a checkout fundraising campaign with our Foundation, you can target a project that matters to you and aligns with your company’s social responsibility philosophy.

For the growth of your business

Acquiring new customers, gaining recognition as a socially responsible company, and strengthening your employer brand are some of the benefits of implementing a checkout giving campaign.

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Nicolas Jaillard

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Events

514 495-2409


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