From the outset, Mission inclusion has been committed to fighting poverty and social exclusion. In the light of the major crises of recent decades, we realize that this commitment cannot be dissociated from environmental issues. Indeed, climate disruption disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, exacerbating existing inequalities. And yet, these voices are often excluded from discussions, solutions and reflections on potential solutions.

Taking action with a new fund

That’s why we’ve decided to take action with this new Environment and Climate Justice Fund in Quebec. Our aim is to support local initiatives that strengthen the climate resilience of marginalized communities. Concrete solutions, rooted in the realities of communities, that enable everyone to adapt and thrive despite environmental challenges.

This fund is part of our global vision of a fairer, more inclusive world. We believe that the ecological transition must be equitable, giving everyone the means to participate and benefit. It’s a question of social as well as environmental justice.

This new initiative, aimed at Quebec-based community organizations, is based on the experience we’ve built up through our international initiatives, including the MSA, ReSea and RCIM projects.

Inclusion and ecology, two sides of the same coin

We are convinced that inclusion and ecology are two sides of the same coin. Two intimately linked challenges that require the commitment and mobilization of everyone. With this new fund, we hope to get moving to support organizations in Montreal that have been working hard for decades to change unsustainable attitudes and practices.

In fact, we’re delighted with the enthusiasm generated by this fund! On March 15, the deadline for our call for proposals, we received many inspiring projects. We can’t wait to unveil the selected project!

With this fund, Mission inclusion opens a new chapter in its history. A chapter dedicated to the convergence of struggles, social innovation and the hope of a more inclusive and ecological future for all.

— Anne Loranger-King
Director – Québec Programming

This first call for projects under the new Environment and Climate Justice Fund is supported by Ubisoft. To find out more, visit :


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