📸In the photo, Charlotte, a member of Comm-un

On the occasion of Earth Day, Mission inclusion selected the very first project to be supported by its Environmental and Climate Justice Fund, initiated thanks to the generous support of Ubisoft.

“This Fund enables us to support a first concrete and innovative initiative that places people in vulnerable situations at the heart of the ecological transition, and recognizes them as important players in social transformation,” says Anne Loranger-King, Mission inclusion’s Quebec program director.

Cultivating resilience at Milton-Parc

The Resilient Gardens project, spearheaded by the Comm-Un citizen movement, will begin in summer 2024. Located in the Jardins de la Cité des Hospitalières in the Milton-Parc district of the Plateau Mont-Royal borough, this project will enhance part of this space to dedicate it to urban agriculture: growing fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers. This ” cooling island ” will help to refresh the neighborhood, while promoting healthy eating, urban biodiversity and local species.

The Resilient Gardens project offers practical gardening and horticultural workshops accessible to all. These workshops will be led by people experiencing homelessness and members of indigenous communities, who will share their knowledge of best practices and the cultivation of native varieties. These people will be the protagonists of the project, passing on their knowledge and experience. The garden will become a place for meetings, exchanges, and gatherings open to the community.

 “We firmly believe in the ability of individuals and communities to redefine themselves, to relearn and reactivate know-how that is often forgotten or neglected in our modern society,” says Jonathan Lebire, Comm-Un’s Director.

Ubisoft: an engaged community

“Initiating this Fund is part of Ubisoft’s long-standing commitment to contributing to the sustainable and inclusive development of the communities in which we are based. It was our employees, with their innovative spirit and willingness to make a difference, who expressed the desire to make a concrete commitment to the environment. By joining forces with Mission inclusion, we can have a positive impact on our neighbourhood,” says Leslie Quinton, vice-president of communications at Ubisoft.

To support this great initiative, the Ubisoft community will be getting on their bikes on Sunday, May 26, 2024 and pedalling to raise funds.

You, too, can sow the seeds of a greener, more caring Quebec

You can also contribute directly to the Environmental and Climate Justice Fund by making a donation on the Mission inclusion website. Every gesture counts in growing inclusion and cultivating a greener, more caring future!

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