Gift of life insurance

An affordable way to make
a large donation

There are three options for giving life insurance:

You sign up for a new contract, then designate Mission inclusion as owner and beneficiary of your policy. In doing so, you will receive a tax receipt equivalent to the amount of the premium. Upon your death, Mission inclusion will receive the death benefit.
You remain the owner of your insurance policy and name Mission inclusion as beneficiary. Upon your death, a tax receipt for the amount of the death benefit will be issued to your estate.
You transfer ownership of an existing policy and register Mission inclusion as the irrevocable beneficiary. You will receive a tax receipt for any subsequent premiums paid and for the fair market value of the policy.


  Upon your death, Mission inclusion will receive much more than the total amount of premiums paid over the years.
  With each premium paid, you will benefit from tax credits that will reduce your tax by almost half.
  If you remain the owner of your policy, your estate will benefit from a tax credit equivalent to the death benefit.
  Upon your death, we will receive the death benefit immediately as beneficiaries of the policy, since the donation is not subject to inheritance disputes.

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Sarah Kreplin

Senior Development Advisor, Planned Giving

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