April 30: Celebrating the Collaboration between Mission inclusion and the JOC Foundation

It was a memorable day at the Centre St-Pierre in Montreal, where Mission inclusion and the JOC Foundation celebrated the beginning of a new horizon for both organizations and the projects they support. The JOC Foundation bequeathed its assets to Mission inclusion, which is committed to perpetuating its primary mission through the creation of the JOC Fund.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, guests were welcomed by a spirit of solidarity. The speeches began, highlighting the richness of this collaboration.

Richard Veenstra, Executive Director of Mission inclusion, expressed with emotion his joy regarding the creation of the JOC Fund and the collaboration with the JOC Foundation. He emphasized the importance of this alliance for the continuation of Mission inclusion’s mandate, both in Quebec and internationally.

Josée Desrosiers, a representative of the JOC Foundation, shared the process that led to the choice of Mission inclusion and the creation of the JOC Fund. She emphasized Mission inclusion’s openness to collaborate to bring the JOC to life.

The heart of the event was marked by a series of moving testimonies, delivered by people of different generations, who shared their experiences and their vision of the challenges, issues, and realities faced by working youth in their time. Their stories helped to understand the actions and solutions developed by the JOC youth to address them and how these actions have shaped today’s Quebec.

The documentary project, presented by Isabelle Morin, Senior Director of Development and Communications, sparked keen interest among the guests. Its objective is to preserve and transmit the collective memory of the JOC and to inspire future generations.

The ceremony concluded on a note of enthusiasm and optimism for the future of the JOC Fund. Participants were then invited to a networking and sharing session, during which they could share their testimonies and hopes for the future.


The Legacy of the JOC Foundation

The JOC Foundation is transferring all its assets to Mission inclusion, including the JOC house. The legacy, estimated at between 1.0 and 1.5 million dollars once the building sale is finalized, represents much more than a simple financial transaction. This support will enable the JOC’s mission to be perpetuated in a renewed and inclusive way.


The New JOC Fund

The JOC Fund, created within Mission inclusion, will continue to support organizations by and for young people working for social justice, human dignity, and solidarity, with a particular focus on young people in vulnerable and marginalized situations. In addition, a scholarship will be awarded to a participant from a Global South country to attend international JOC congresses.



A Fruitful Two-Year Collaboration

This fruitful collaboration between the JOC Foundation and Mission inclusion is the result of two years of hard work, trust, and shared common values. Today, this alliance allows the community of the JOC Foundation to join the larger family of Mission inclusion.

Together, we will continue to work for the well-being of people in vulnerable or marginalized situations, with a spirit of innovation and mobilization, rooted in the values of dignity, social justice, respect, inclusion, and compassion.

Watch the interventions (only in French):

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