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MISSION INCLUSION respect the confidentiality of all information

MISSION INCLUSION respects the confidential nature of all information provided by donors: their name, phone number, postal and e-mail address, credit card number and expiration date, the amount of their gifts, and any and all other personal information, whatever it may be.

MISSION INCLUSION does not rent, exchange, nor loan to any organization, commercial business, marketing firm, or survey company its list of donors nor any other information concerning them. This policy applies to all gifts made online, by phone, by mail or in person.

The information you provide when donating online is processed by par Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS), a high-security system. More information on Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS)’ privacy policy is available on their website Blackbaud.

For more information on MISSION INCLUSION privacy policy or to request that your name be taken off our list of donors, please email us at:
or phone : (514) 495-2409 / 1 877 288-7383

MISSION INCLUSION ensures that you can give to a cause dear to your heart in a completely secure way. We thank you for your trust.
MISSION INCLUSION is a nonprofit organization

Charitable Registration: 11892 3689 RR 0001

Tax benefits

In Canada, governments encourage everyone to give by providing important tax benefits in the form of tax credits.   At the federal level, tax credits for charitable contributions are: ► 15% for gifts of $200 or less ► 29% for the portion of a gift exceeding $200   For Quebec residents, because of the impact of the tax abatement, these credits become: ► 12,525% for gifts of $200 or less ► 24,26% for the portion of a gift exceeding $200   At the provincial level, tax credits for charitable contributions are: ► 20% for gifts of $200 or less ► 24% for the portion of a gift exceeding $200   The maximum amount admissible for tax credits is 75% of the giver’s net income for the year the gift is made in. Any gift over the 75% maximum can be carried forward and claimed over the next five years. An act of great generosity! An interesting tax benefit.

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